In The Spotlight
November 22, 2000


Kristi: Tell me a bit more about how Jamestowne came into being.

Jimmy: "Kip and I went to high school together in Indiana, and played in a couple of cover bands. When we came out to Los Angeles, we wanted to start a band that reflected our Midwestern rock roots. Hence, we chose the name 'Jamestowne' from a John Mellencamp lyric. We added rich and Neil both within the last two years."

Kristi: Was forming a band something you'd always dreamed of doing? What do you think you'd be doing for a living if you weren't in a band?

Kip: "For me, it was either being in a band, or playing professional ice hockey. And I never heard back from the NHL... When I'm older, I would like to be an English teacher"

Jimmy: "when I was young, I always loved to put on pretend concerts for my parents and friends. Now that I'm older, I'm able to put on pretend concerts for all kinds of people. If I wasn't playing music, though, I think I'd want to be working for a record company. Someday, though, I'd like to work for Jim Henson's workshop... I'm very 'arts & craftsy'"

Neil: "I knew once I started playing drums that I wanted to be a professional musician. Otherwise, I would have wanted to be a veterinarian."

Rich: "I played in a bunch of different kinds of bands since I was young...jazz, rock, blues, etc... I think if I wasn't playing music I'd want to be an astronomer."

Kristi: Do any of the band members have formal training in music? Or are you self-taught?

Jimmy: "when I was six, I took piano lessons for a little while. Later in college I picked it up again, but literally had to pick up from where I left off when I was six. It was fun hearing all of those beginner piano songs again after all those years. I also studied some theory & voice in college, but for the most part, I'm self-taught."

Neil: "I took drum lessons when I was thirteen, and I formally studied drums in college. I now teach when I'm not playing in the band."

Rich: "I've studied all through school, and teach bass on the side."

Kip: "I formally trained under pat Rusk, and taught myself the rest..."

Kristi: How did your 2 songs "Perfect World" and "Disheartened" end up on Felicity?

Jimmy: "One of the Felicity music supervisors was a longtime Jamestown fan, and had also used some of our songs when she was working on MTV's "Undressed".

Kristi: Who writes your songs? Do you all contribute to the songwriting? Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

Kip: "Most of our new music we've had the whole band involved in the writing process. But in the beginning and for our CD, our songs came from ideas I would bring to jimmy, and he would write a lyric and melody around it."

Jimmy: "I get a lot of lyrical inspiration from just sitting back and watching Kip. I'm not a very dramatic person, but I'm really observant. And when I see Kip going through a crisis (which is pretty often), I can usually tell a story about it and offer a solution through the lyrics."

Kristi: What other artists and bands inspire you?

Neil: "Rush, Stravinsky, Dave Matthews, Chick Corea"

Rich: "Miles Davis, Neil Young, The Beatles"

Kip: "Styx, John Mellencamp, Rush, Counting Crows"

Jimmy: "Peter Gabriel, Elton John, John Mellencamp, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Sarah McLachlan, U2, George Winston"

Kristi: What does it feel like to have people ask for your autograph? Have you gotten used to it yet?

Jimmy: "This actually just started happening a few years ago, and it still takes some getting used to. I always get a kick out of seeing what Kip writes when he signs his."

Neil: "I feel a little awkward...but it's cool."

Rich: "Same."

Kip: "Who wants one..."

Kristi: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Neil: "dead."

Rich: "flying my rocket car around town."

Kip: "selling aluminum siding door to door."

Jimmy: "Working for Jim Henson workshops making Muppets."

Kristi: Do you have any plans to perform live in areas outside of southern California in the near future?

Jimmy: "We are working on setting up some small tours, but that will most likely be based on which areas we can get on the radio. There's a music festival in Austin, Texas we're looking to play in March. We are also trying to get some shows in San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and San we can have an excuse to visit the rest of California."

Kristi: Are any of your songs going to be featured on any other TV shows soon (that you know of)?

"Not at the moment. But as long as this format of television programming (i.e. Felicity, Dawson's Creek, etc...) Is happening, there's a good chance you'll hear us again in prime time."

Kristi: Any plans for a second album soon?

"It is actually in pre-production right now. We've written a bunch of songs, and are in the early stages of recording them. Some time early next year it should be finished and available."

Thanks guys!

Jamestowne audio clips as heard in "Felicity" Episode 3.03 "Hello, I Must Be Going"

  • Perfect World
    Molly tells Felicity what her psychic mom said about Felicity's situation with Ben. Sean obsesses over his nose, asks Noel for his opinion. Elena mentions her theory on why Julie is behaving strangely. Meghan and Sean fight about his nose. Natalie shows up to talk to Noel... gives him a gift of computer RAM.
  • Disheartened
    More fighting over Sean's nose. Noel explains to Natalie that things are over and he wants the annulment. Natalie walks out. Even MORE fighting over Sean's nose.

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