In The Spotlight
May 23, 2001

Teal Thompson

Teal Thompson was born and raised in Houston, Texas. You could say her singing career started early when she sang in the Baptist church choir as a kid. Teal moved to Northern California for college and then took herself on a solo music tour across the Southwest and Northwest at age twenty-one (30 gigs in 3 months).

Although Teal began her college education in Northern California, she graduated at the University of Texas in Austin. Highlights from Austin included: singing backgraound vocals for 8 1/2 Souvenirs (French 20's jazz band), playing a principal role in a national Maxwell House commercial (as the lead singer in a bar scene), and launching her solo career.

Next up for Teal was a move to the City of Angels - Los Angeles, California in 1996. It was in Los Angeles that things really started happening. Several of Teal's songs could be heard in Paramount Pictures TV Shows such as "The Viper" and "The Sentinel", including her song "As Good As She" which was featured on Paramount's first TV Show Soundtrack (The Sentinel).

Teal's middle eastern vocals appeared in the film "Speaking in Strings", and she played in the National Academy of Songwriters Showcase

Most recently, Teal's song "No Better Heaven" was featured on the season three finale of The WB's "Felicity" (Spring 2001). Teal is currently represented for TV and Film by Julie D' Angelo with Music for the Masses.

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