Links to the cream-of-the-crop of Felicity sites on the web.

Dawson's Creek Music Guide
Okay so it's not a Felicity site, BUT, this was the inspiration for FelicityTunes.com. There is so much content at dawsonscreekmusic.com, it'll take you a week to see everything! FelicityTunes aspires to be half as good as this one. For now, we'll just settle for being a cheap knock-off of Dawsonscreekmusic.com, because even that is pretty darn good.

TKtv Felicity
Don't want to play favorites here, but this is definitely one of the best Felicity sites out there. Jen updates almost daily and she's got really great episode reviews.

The official Felicity site. Visit this site for episode summaries with photos, cast and character bios, chat transcripts, and more. If you'd like to contact the show or one of its stars, this is the place to go.

A Felicity Page
Don't let the simple title of this site fool you. There is loads of content here including episode guides, news, photos, polls, spoilers, and MUCH more.

Contemptuous Sardonic Felicity Watchers Society
This used to be a hilarious site, but it hasn't been updated since February 2000. Worth a visit anyway, just to read the older stuff.

The WB Radio
This Internet "radio station" features 24 hours of streaming music from your favorite shows on The WB!

Felicity Fan Forum
By far the BEST Felicity message board you'll ever find. It's a great community of online friends (and newcomers always get a very warm welcome) with none of the "flame wars" and bickering you often find on Internet message boards. Also, this forum is especially good for those of us who avoid spoilers - everyone and the moderators are extremely careful about keeping spoilers out of your sight (unless you want to read them). I cannot praise this forum enough. Go! Now!

Brought to you by the creators of FelicityTunes.com (um, that would be me)! Visit this site for news, articles, a multimedia gallery, free scottfoley.net email accounts, and the LARGEST gallery of Scott Foley photos on the web. Heck, I've even got his yearbook photos (and his brother's too)!

MightyBig TV - Felicity
Here is where you'll find very extensive, detailed episode summaries. Just a word of warning though - the summaries are written with a slight bias (in a humorous way). The writer will sometimes poke fun at the show and its characters, so don't get too offended if they make fun of your favorite a little.