Memorable Musical Moments

Some of the most moving scenes in "Felicity" were set to music. Here is a selection of some of our favorites. If there is a particular scene you'd like to see here, feel free to email your request.
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Ryan Adams - "Harder Now That It's Over"

Episode #4.07 "The Storm" - Ben reads Felicity's letter.

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Azure Ray - "Displaced"

Episode #4.06 "Oops... Noel Did It Again" - Ben goes to the hospital to visit his father.

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Ryan Adams - "La Cienega Just Smiled"

Episode #4.01 "Declaration of Independence" - Felicity and Noel make out on the roof.

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Dressy Bessy - "Lookaround"

Episode #3.15 "Senioritis" - Felicity and Noel TP the school library.

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Dazz Band - "Let it Whip"

Episode #2.14 "True Colors" - Sean cranks up the stereo and the whole gang starts dancing during a wallpaper removal party at Elena and Noel's apartment.

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Over the Rhine - "Latter Days"

Episode #3.03 "Hello, I Must be Going" - Julie bids an emotional farewell to the group via videotape.

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Sarah McLachlan - "Ice Cream"

Episode #2.21 "The Aretha Theory" - Ben makes peace with Felicity by bringing her the Charlie Chaplin movie they were supposed to see together in the fall (he stood her up then). The two sit together on the roof and kiss while the movie is projected on a brick wall.

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Scout - "Day Before Yesterday"

Episode #1.02 "Hot Objects" - Felicity is humiliated when her "Dear Sally" tape is accidentally played on the stereo at her first college party (in front of Ben!). She goes to buy some Ben & Jerry's to console herself.

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Ralph Marterie & His Band of Renown - "Dig That Crazy Santa Claus"

Episode #1.09 "Finally" - Noel has a severe allergic reaction to the "Smart Powder" Megan gave him, and he goes a little nuts.