Odds & Ends

A random bunch of goodies.

Theme & Promo music
Information, sound, and video clips of "Felicity" theme music, commercial music, WB Network promos, and other stuff.

Official Soundtrack Info
Everything you need to know about the official "Felicity" soundtrack, and news about the possible release of a second volume.

Episode Playlists
Once every 1-2 weeks, I'll feature a streaming RealAudio playlist of all the songs from a particular episode. Depending on how much web space I have, I'll keep some of the older playlists in this section.

Featured Artists
A big list of all musical artists ever featured on Felicity. There are also some interviews and articles on "In the Spotlight" artists.

Memorable Musical Moments
Depending on web space available, here is where I'll keep some of the previously featured video clips of favorite musical scenes in "Felicity".

Polls & Surveys
Current and past surveys relating to "Felicity", its cast, and its music.

Message Board
Come on in and chat about Felicity and its music, or anything you feel like talking about.

Links to the cream-of-the-crop of Felicity sites on the web.

Site Info
Everything you wanted to know about FelicityTunes and its creators.

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